Testament to Human Movement



My fellow human brothers and sisters are not moving. We are more sedentary now than ever before and need to get our butts up off the chairs that we have fallen in love with.

The human body is an incredible machine that we have the privilege of inhabiting and it is a shame to not use that machine to its potential. We are able to move in a plethora of different ways and yet most people do little more than sitting, brief stints of walking, and perhaps some bending over/reaching for objects on occasion throughout the day.

This is where the value of things like yoga, hiking, dynamic stretching, and swimming come into play. These activities allow us to engage in different movements that are very unique and require us to tap into that very aspect that makes us human – our versatility in the movements we are able to perform.

The human body was designed with movement as a necessity for true health and proper functionality. We need to re-think the concept of human movement and what it means to the human race.

The reason why we are the most advanced species is because of our movement capabilities. We can occupy land, water, trees, and even air (via jumping and flipping).

The lack of movement is at an all-time high in this country and this has been accompanied by a serious degradation in health. We must put an end to the sedentary lifestyle and apply our creativity to human movement.human-flag

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