HELLO baller !


I am Dejan, founder of HealthyBasketball.com.

The reason for the existence of HealthyBasketball is to enhance awareness and urgency about the importance of staying healthy as a basketball player. My main intention is to ultimately increase both your longevity and performance both on and off the basketball court.

I will know I have succeeded as soon as readers begin to consider the suggestions offered by HealthyBasketball for themselves, which will always be fully supported and properly referenced back to the literature.

It is a passion of mine to follow this sport and my heart has been involved and attached to this sport for the last 20 years. It was therefore a “no-brainer” for me to combine my two passions of basketball and health and launch the HealthyBasketball project.

My health background= Bachelor of Human Kinetics (movement science major), current naturopathic medical student (future ND) specializing in sports medicine (namely, basketball).

HealthyBasketball provides me with a platform on which I am able to present information that is instrumental in the development of all basketball players.

My love for the game is reflected in the creation of HealthyBasketball. I may never compete in the NBA (though I will never officially rule the option out) but I will still channel the energy and love that I have for the game through HealthyBasketball.

This information has elevated my game to new heights. I am a medical student with limited time and thus play far fewer hours of basketball than my high school self, however, I am a better player and healthier than I’ve ever been in my life.

Good luck trying to find another organization that is solely dedicated to the health and longevity of basketball players.

Why? Because it does not exist.

I am CONSTANTLY seeking out new health knowledge on how to elevate my athleticism, endurance, performance, strength, and thus longevity as a player.

As I continue to advance and grow in my health knowledge base, which is growing exponentially by the day, I will consistently present fresh, applicable, and simple, yet effective, health information to the followers of HealthyBasketball.

The mission of HealthyBasketball is only as effective as the number of followers. “Strength in numbers” sums it up pretty well.

Our growth depends on YOU, the reader & athlete, and you will therefore NOT be disappointed.

Please contact me and leave me any comments, interesting articles/videos, and any other ideas you may have.









DISCLAIMER: I am not a physician nor a health care practitioner. This site is not meant to provide medical or health advice of any kind. Do not misconstrue any information that you read here as medical recommendation, diagnosis or treatment. The information provided here on this blog is intended to serve as a communication of my experience as a medical student and to share articles and public material pertaining to health that I come across. It should in no way be interpreted as medical advice of any kind.